2nd Skin

Variable Size Prints


These masks are approprieted from the faces of several mythical characters depicted in Persian Miniature paintings between 14th to 16th century.

They have been worm by me and various inanimate figures such as mannequins and dolls in series of experiments.


These masks are meant to operate as modes of self-presentation and introduce ideas of anonymity while simultaneously imposing an ambiguous and undefinable cultural identity to their subject users.

Party Balloons 

Duration 5:18


Party Balloons (2015 & 2016) consist of humorous and futile attempts to investigate the narrative of an activity that I have been socio-politically identified in public spaces on several occasions; the terrorist activity of bomb-making.

In these live actions, I intentionally used widely available household objects such as party balloons, hot water bottle covers, electrical tapes, clip pegs, water, a garden hose, and a bucket. My aim was to transform myself into an un-easily gendered and incompetent Jihadi suicide bomber who is engaged in his-her daily activities, including making and arming a bomb vest that resembles of a female’s lactating breasts.  

I appropriate the visual style of such activities from blockbuster movies whose main narrative focuses on the atrocities committed by Jihadi terrorists, such as Gavin Hood’s Eye in the Sky (2015), Stephen Gaghan’s Syriana (2005), and Peter Berg’s The Kingdom (2007)


I performed Party Balloons (2015) on 20 March 2015 in an abandoned pub in Kingston-Upon-Thames, London.  This live action took my maleness into consideration and visibly examined the metamorphosis of gender in its narrative.

During this performance I intentionally sat and faced the spectators. My aim was to visually expose the quasi process of bomb-making in their direct gaze.

Party Balloons (2015) also investigates the tension between the territories inhabited by the performer and the spectators.



Kneel down!

Before The echoes of a sea

That have sealed

the borders of my-other-ness

and strapped you

To the tongue of my mother.

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Untitled Drawing

spontaneous drawings using both sides of the paper

Bar Drawings 

Spontaneous drawings on bar napkins